MA Basic Firearms Safety Course near Worcester, MA

Mass Firearms school

Mass Basic Firearms Safety Course

MA Basic Firearms Safety Class, easy access from both Worcester and Boston


Cost is $125


Class completed in one 4-hour session


All classes include live fire shooting at no additional charge.

If you want to get a Massachusetts firearms license (LTC Class A or FID) this is the class you need to take. 


The MA Basic Firearms Safety Course is the first step to becoming a responsible gun owner in Massachusetts, so don't hesitate to reach out to us to start the journey of obtaining your License to Carry. The MA LTC requirements include the MA Basic Firearms Safety Course, and our 4-hour class with licensed instructors satisfies those requirements. During this class at our gun range near Worcester, you'll be given hands-on experience with a variety of firearms, as well as be educated on the ins and outs of Massachusetts gun laws, how to properly store and secure your firearms, and more. If you've been thinking about getting a License to Carry a concealed firearm, our safety class will tell you everything you need to know. Check out our other firearms classes near Worcester to see what else you may be interested in.


We're one of the only places in the state where you can schedule a same-day MA Basic Firearms Safety Course, so reach out to us to see what our availability is. We also offer private firearms safety classes, as well as a Ladies-Only MA Basic Firearms Safety Course. Let us know what you're interested in and we can help you on your journey to become a responsible gun owner in Massachusetts.


MFS is the largest provider of firearms training in Mass.  Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step of the application process.     



Here Are Some Highlights


All live fire shooting and firearms instruction is one-on-one.  During the class you will shoot and handle several firearms with the assistance of an instructor standing by your side. 


During the class we will take the mystery out of the application process by guiding you through every step.

We manage our class sizes so you won’t be lost in a crowd (average class size has a ratio of one instructor for every 4 students).


We offer a 100% money back guarantee* and a Certification for Life™ Program (If you ever need to be recertified, retake the class for free).


Bring a guest with you to the class for FREE (please sign guest up through our website with a different email than yours). The guest will be allowed to participate in every part of the class (even the shooting). If the guest wants their certification all they need to do is pay for the class (either that day or anytime in the future).


Not only does our class qualify you for a resident and nonresident Mass license, you can also use our class to get a license in Maine and Florida.


Get Money Saving Discounts


Every student gets the following:  


      •$50 off a Range Membership
      •$25 off a the purchase of a firearm
      •5% off ammunition and accessories

      •FREE range day pass when you get your license.


These discounts can total over $100 (more than covering the cost of the class).  


To see our schedule and make your reservation you can follow the "Attend Class" link below. You can pay for the class here:  


Mass Basic Firearms Safety Class



Certification for Life™ - If you ever need to be recertified, retake the class for free.

This is the class you take to get a Mass Firearms License.  We’ll provide you with State Certification upon completion of your class. 
We have dedicated classroom and range facilities.
Both our classrooms and range are temperature controlled.   
Free off street parking (no meters).  
After taking one four-hour class, you will receive your state certification to apply for your firearms license.    
Our instructors are some of the most experienced in the state.


I thought it would be hard to get a firearms license in Boston. MFS explained every step of the process and made it very easy to understand. My friends could not believe how quickly I got my license.
James from Boston