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Self Defense Shotgun I

Self Defense Shotgun 1Cost is $175


Self Defense Shotgun 1 is a 4-hour class that covers what a person needs to know to tactically deploy a shotgun for self defense.  2 hours will be spent in a classroom environment dry firing and practicing with dummy rounds. 2 hours will be spent on the range firing your weapon in a self defense fashion.  


Topics include:


  • The Law of Deadly/Lethal Force & Self Defense
  • Weapon, Gear &Ammunition Choices
  • The Castle Doctrine & The Effects of Stress on The Human Body
  • Safe Shotgun Handling Skills
  • Combat, Upload & Administrative Loading
  • Malfunctions And Their Clearing Procedures
  • Movement, Verbal Commands While Shooting

Please bring the following gear to class:


  • Must have firearms license.
  • 20 or 12ga. Pump or Semi Auto Shotgun of your choice (a shotgun can be provided for you at no charge).
  • Ammunition Carriers (you can use your pocket if that’s how you plan to carry extra shells)
  • 75 rounds of 00 Buck ammo (available for purchase from our retail store).  


Class is taught by a Law Enforcement professional with real-world experience tactically deploying a shotgun. 





Robert MacQuarrie (SWAT)
Franklin Police Department Training Officer (Firearms, Active Shooter, Less Lethal)
Firearms Instructor, Massachusetts Police Training Committee
Metro-LEC. Regional S.W.A.T. & R.R.T. Teams

****Please Note: This is not a learn to shoot class. Attendees must have a proficient understanding of their firearm, including loading, unloading, and firing the firearm safely. If you would like to better familiarize yourself with your firearm before taking this class, please sign up for a Personal Range Time with an MFS Instructor here.



This class covers what a person needs to know to tactically deploy a shotgun for self defense. 


Topics will include how to carry, manipulate, and fire a shotgun, shooting and moving, as well the use of verbal commands.


The training was beyond helpful, having no formal training in scoped rifles, after an hour I was hitting sub 1 inch groupings at 100 yards...I had a great time, learned a ton and became a more skilled and safer shooter. I can not think of a single thing which MFS could do to improve, the FID class was great, reasonably priced and I have recommended the one-on-on instruction to all my friends...I could not have asked for a better experience.
Isaiah J.