Mass Firearms school

Introduction to Shooting Handguns and Rifles Part II

Cost is $45 per student.


We offer these 1hr sessions at our Indoor Range & Shooting Sports Center. Session sizes are small ensuring every student gets plenty of time on the range.


Giving the student a basic introduction to shooting rifles and handguns,these sessions are perfect for those new to shooting



Every student will have the opportunity to shoot a Ruger Mark IV semi-automatic handgun (.22lr), Smith & Wesson Model 67 revolver (.38spl), Glock 17 semi-automatic handgun (9mm), and a SUPPRESSED AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with a scope (300 Blackout)! 


This is not a class that meets Massachusetts requirements for the issuance of a firearms license. For the class that qualifies you for a Mass firearms permit, click here.




Learn how to use and shoot four firearms: a Ruger.22lr semi-automatic handgun (.22lr), a Smith & Wesson Revolver (.38spl), a Glock 17 semi-automatic handgun (9mm), and a SUPPRESSED AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (300 Blackout) - with a scope!   


[About MFS instructors] They were extremely helpful. They gave more advanced shooters the fine-tuning they needed and they helped the novices as much as they needed. One example that comes to mind involves an older woman in our class. When we got to the shooting portion of the class she couldn't even squeeze the trigger and was missing every target…Dan patiently explained to her what she needed to do to improve her accuracy…By the end of the class she was hitting every target and doing it much faster than at the beginning of the shooting session. I was extremely impressed.
Stephen from Worcester